to have

The usage is different between English and Japanese. How do you say in Japanese to say “have”?

to own or possess
すずきさんは くるまを もっています
( Ms.Suzuki has a car. )
わたしは きものを もっています
( I have a kimono. )
to have meal
ひるごはんを たべます
( I have lunch. )
よるごはんを たべます
( I have dinner. )
to have a cold
かぜを ひきました
( I had a cold. )
to have a headache
あたまが いたいです
( I have a headache. )
おなかが いたいです
( I have a stomachache. )
to have a party or a meeting
あした パーティーが あります
( I have a party tomorrow. )
おおさかで かいぎが ありました
( We had a meeting in Osaka. )
to have a good time
( I have a good time. )
りょこうは たのしかったです
( I had a good trip. )
to have a family member
わたしは あにが います
( I have an old brother. )
わたしは いもうとが います
( I have a younger sister. )
わたしは むすめが ふたり います
( I have 2 daughters. )
to have my hair cut
きのう かみを きりました
( I had my hair cut yesterday. )
to have homework or exam
しゅくだいが あります
( I have homework. )
らいしゅう テストが あります
( I have an exam next week. )
to have plan
きんようびは よていが あります
( I have a plan on Friday. )