Free Japanese Language Quiz for Beginners

Welcome to Japanese Quiz site. This website is created for self learners who are learning basic Japanese. You can learn all sentence patterns required at a basic level through our free online quizzes.

By reviewing sentence patterns while answering quizzes, you’ll easily be aware of your weak points, so this way is very suitable for self-learners. On this site, you can not only take quizzes, but also review grammar and try writing Japanese sentences. We hope that this site will help you improve your overall Japanese level !!

Let’s get started !

There are quizzes in 4 categories, Grammar, Kanji, Vocabulary and Katakana. Each quiz, you can finish in about 5 minutes.

Level : Basic ( JLPT : N5 – N4 )

Grammar Quiz

Kanji Quiz

Vocabulary Quiz

Katakana Quiz