About me

Thank you for visiting this site.

I used to work as a Japanese teacher. Through the experience of classroom lessons, I’ve learned that students can save lots of time and money if they study basic Japanese by themselves. If you are interested in going to Japan, this site will be of some help. You can learn the basic grammar on this site, and you can start learning from the next step in Japan.

I’d see many students disliked practicing Japanese in unison in the classroom, especially at the basic level. The students might feel like children, so they feel uncomfortable. In most Japanese language schools they teach Japanese in Japanese, so some students say that they don’t understand it clearly.

This site introduces all sentence patterns which are necessary to learn at a basic level with explanations in English. You can check Japanese grammar one by one at your convenience, and your overall Japanese will improve.

This site also includes Kanji, Vocabulary and Katakana Quiz. Furthermore, I’ll introduce useful information, such as usage hints.

Please enjoy learning on this site. I believe this Japanese Quiz site would be useful for self-learners all over the world.

May Sakura