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i-Adjくて, na-Adjで

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I don't want to go out because it's cold today.

You should bring an umbrella because it will rain in the afternoon.

I'm sorry. I'm late because there was a traffic jam.

Excuse me. Please be quiet a little bit more because I'm studying.

Sorry, I'm afraid we're out of milk today, so we can't make cafe au lait.

Farmers have a problem because it doesn't rain.

I'm tired because I ran 20 kilometers.



meaning : because, since

“から” & “ので” are used when you are giving the reason for something.

つかれたから いえに かえります。
つかれたので いえに かえります。

( I’ll go home because I’m tired. )

When you ask something to someone or refuse something, “ので” is used more than “から” because “ので” sounds more gentle.

すみません。あついので まどを あけてくれませんか?
( Excuse me. I’m hot, so would you open the window? )
ごめんなさい。あしたは よていが あるので いけません。
( I’m sorry. I have plans, so I can not go tomorrow. )
Plain Form から

verb : いく
i-Adjective : たかい
na-Adjective : きらい
Noun : あめ
Plain Form ので
( na-Adjective ・Noun )

verb : いく
i-Adjective : たかい
na-Adjective : きらい
noun : あめ

Verb te Form、…

meaning : because, so …

“te Form” also shows the reason.

can not do something
じてんしゃの タイヤが パンク して、のれません
( My bicycle has a flat tire, so I can’t ride. )
have trouble, feel difficult
みちに まよって、こまっています
( I’m in trouble because I’m lost. )
have trouble, feel difficult
かんじが よめなくて、たいへんです
( I can’t read Kanji, so I feel difficult. )
physical condition
3じかんも べんきょう して、つかれました
( I’m tired because I’ve been studying for 3 hours. )
set phrases
ごうかく できて、よかったですね
( I’m happy to hear you passed the test. )
( Sorry, I’m late. )
うちまで おくってくれて、ありがとうございます
( Thank you for dropping me off at my house. )
やくそくを やぶって、ごめんなさい
( I’m sorry I broke a promise. )
Verb te Form



meaning : because, so …

( I cried because I was sad. )
( I can not carry it because it’s heavy. )
おかあさんが げんきで、よかったですね。
( I’m happy to hear that your mother is fine. )

Noun で

meaning : because of Noun

ゆきで ひこうきが おくれました。
( My flight was delayed because of snow. )
かぜで がっこうを やすみました。
( I was absent from school because I was sick. )
Let's say in Japanese !
Please touch “in Japanese” to see the answer.

1. I’ll study because I have an exam tomorrow.

in Japanese
あした テストが あるから べんきょう します。
あした テストが あるので べんきょう します。

2. I feel cold, so would you close the window please?

in Japanese
さむいので、まどを しめてくれませんか?
( ‘ので’ is more gentle than ‘から’ when you ask something. )

3. I’m sorry. My Japanese is not so good.

in Japanese
にほんごが あまり じょうずじゃなくて、ごめんなさい。


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